Vitji (phonetically Vishi) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Her work is a culmination of her skills as a painter, illustrator, visual designer, art director and web programmer. She dwells in the realm between digital/web and analog art, sometimes combining the two so that they are virtually indistinguishable. Born in Upstate New York and raised in Namibia, Vitji draws inspiration from different cultural sources to create. Her bold graphical aesthetic is inspired by an array of artistic influences, namely Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat, Sammy Baloji, Milton Glaser, Wangechi Mutu, Andy Warhol and Kara Walker.

In October 2015 Vishi launched The City Noise, an online journal that documents the stretches of 'African-ness' in art, culture, style and lifestyle.