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I am a visual artist and designer. Currently based in New York City



I solve problems through art and design. Main Skills:

Graphic/Digital Design

Web Design (Coding)


Photo Manipulation

Art Direction



Vitji (phonetically Vishi) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Her work is a culmination of her skills as a painter, illustrator, visual designer, art director and front end web development. She dwells in the realm between digital/web and analog art, sometimes combining the two so that they are virtually indistinguishable. Born in Upstate New York to Namibian parents and raised in Namibia, Vitji draws inspiration from different cultural sources to create work that is insightful. Her aesthetic is bold, graphical and modern.


Say Hey



Some selected accolades


Graphic Design & Illustration Annual 2016

Vector Gold Design Annual 2015

Typographic Heart

Vanguard Noteworthy Opinion Art 2014

Graphical Taxonomy

Communication Arts